Sintering Furnace for Moulded Rods/Tubes

Sunkoo supplies drying and sintering furnaces especially for the PTFE processing as well as preheating furnace for Molded rods/tubes.

There is also a furnace available for drying and sintering inline systems for the production of Moulded rods and tubes (development of Sunkoo). This high tech furnace  has an adjustable blind between drying and sintering zone, the lamellas of this blind can be cooled. As these two zones can not be influenced because of the stack affect, the required temperature profile can be well controlled in the drying as well as also in the sintering zone. This sintering furnace is available with different sizes. Herewith the furnace can be adapted to the respective requests and the available space.

1.      Product name,: Customized

1.1.            Chamber size: Depend on customer choice.

2.      Thermostat section

2.1.            Working temperature: room temperature--400℃ Temperature stability : ≤±1degree (temperature meter) Temperature uniformity ≤±3 degree


2.2.            The ambient temperature raises to 400 ℃ in 50 minutes (full load)

3.      Control section (Separate, Independent, stand mounted control cabinet)

3.1.            controller model: XMTA


3.2.            controller brand: China Brand Norwich sea

3.3.            temperature controller function: PID control, automatic temperature control thermostat program

3.4.            heating portion


1)      Heating method: stainless steel heater uniformly arranged around the heating portion


2)      The heating element: stainless steel heat pipe, (304 stainless steel heating pipe, heating pipe , 220V / 2.5KW, U connection.)


3)      Heating power: 54kw

4)      The heating control, heating control two groups/sides.


5)      The ventilation system: made of stainless steel produced by 2.0, about duct hot air circulation. Each heating zone and wind zone relatively independent ventilation system (four air guide) to ensure that the furnace temperature uniformity.

4.      Material:

4.1.            The outer shell is made of 1.5mm cold plate manufacturing high temperature spray paint, color matt light blue color.

4.2.            The liner is made of 2.0mm stainless steel plate

4.3.            The Case for the vertical routinely

4.4.            Locking means for the oven: door locks and hinges alloy steel alloy steel.

5.      Insulation and heat preservation

5.1.            Case insulating material: high temperature aluminum silicate fiber cotton filling.

5.2.            The cabinet insulation layer: thickness of 150mm (body surface temperature of the ambient temperature plus 35 degrees)

5.3.            The sealing material 20 * 20mm high-temperature glass fiber strip seal


6.      Furnace Cabinet making


Inside the oven using models and stainless steel plate welded together. Wall panels with 1.5mm cold plate, set reinforcing internal ribs. Liner made of 2.0mm stainless steel production base and frame with a 10 channel welded

Long-life heating element made of stainless steel heating tube evenly distributed over both sides of the furnace duct using Choucha installation, wiring head out of the top heating plate outer shell, using nut, rigid fixation, will not fall, set top heating wiring shield. Heating element from front to back is divided into three temperature zones wiring.