Rotational Lining Solutions - PTFE Lining Machine

To protect unconventionally sized or shaped parts,rotational lining is the best solution. Using specialized materials and technology, we can bond a uniform,seamless polymer layer to the interior of virtually any metallic structure, regardless of shape or complexity.
PTFE Lining Machine
Rotational Lining Process:
Granular polymer resin is placed inside the structure to be lined and all openings are covered. The structure is heated while simultaneously being rotated about two axes. The resin melts and flows evenly over the entire inner surface of the structure, bonding to the metal substrate. Once cooled, the result is a monolithic, corrosion- and chemical resistant lining that conforms to complex shapes and is virtually free of stresses. Wall thickness can range from 0.090” to 0.400”. Typical linings range from 0.100” to 0.250”, depending on part size and service requirements.
Standard and Custom Sizes:
We line a wide range of equipment, including some of the largest pipes and vessels in the industry. Our manufacturing capabilities can accommodate most size requirements.
Maximum dimensions for lined structures:
· 8’ diameter × 20’ length
· 10’ diameter × 12’ length
Typical lined structures include
· Tanks, pressure vessels, scrubbers, pipe spool and fittings
· Caissons and other equipment used underwater
· Pumps, valves, flowmeters, heat exchangers, filter housings and other process equipment.
Lining Materials:
Polymer selection and liner thickness are based on the chemical resistance properties the final structure requires. We work with technically engineered fluoropolymers (PTFE,PFA, ETFE, PVDF, and ECTFE), nylons (nylon 12) and olefins (HDPE) to meet the specific requirements of each application.
Our Products adheres to a rigorous quality assurance program for its rotational lining solutions. We carry the following certifications:
· AS9100 Revision C
· ISO 9001:2008
· ASME U stamp
· NBBI R stamp