The base material was made via fiberglass impregnation in PTFE and refined, coating with silicone adhesive and with excellent heat resistant and mechanical strength.
Good release and smooth
Good performance of high temperature keeping, stable size.
Small friction coefficient, good insulation.
Good corrosion resistance.
1. According to different thickness, can be using as many kinds of drying machine conveyor, bonding tape, sealing tape.
2. Using for welding cloth for plastic products welding, backing mat for plastic, film, hot sealing
3. Electrical insulation, mat, gasket, and so one.
4. Heat cladding layer, pack of heat insulation body.
5. Microwave mat,, oven chips, food drying.
6. Adhesive tape, hot transfer printing table cloths, and so on.
7. Backing cloth for pressure sensitive ahdesive.
8. Architectural membrance, many place of canopy, etc.
9. For various petrochemical pipeline corrosion resistant cladding, power plant emissions, environmental desulfurization.
10. A flexible compensator, the friction material, wheel slice.
11. After special processing, making "anti-static cloth.

Material: PTFEE ; Color: Brown ; Surface friction coefficient: 0.05~0.1 ; Insulating coefficient: >=1012 ohm ; Adhesion strength (to metal):  28N/100mm ; Tensile strength: 1700N/100mm ; Temperature resistance: -70-300°

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