Machine for PTFE tubing extrusion machine

PTFE tubing extrusion machine is to extrude PTFE/UHMWPE Tubes. It is designed using latest technology, fully reliable and easy to operate for customers. Performance in terms of production and working hour capacity is competitive to other machines. Low maintenance is required , giving high production in market.
Features :
1.Vertical Ram Extruder for PTFE Tubes
2.Ram extruding machine for PTFE Tubes.
3.Using for Pre-sintering PTFE material.
4.Suit for new PTFE material or Recycle PTFE material.
5. Adjustable Heating zone: 5 zone area
6. Long service life through solid workmanship and use of high quality components.
7. Measurement transducer like pressure, force and ram speed for permanent control of the extrusion process and extrusion speed.
8. Measuring and controlling system for constant extruder speed
9. Low space requirement through vertical construction
10.Operating through touch screen and recording of the extrusion process parameters
Benefits:Save time and money, good advantage price offer to customers.Intelligent and easy-to-use operations.Small workplace required due to its compact design and electricity saving machine.Super quality output and the physical properties is adjustable.Precise temperature control, reaches + -1 degree.Long- life, with modern technology and optimized design.