PTFE sintering oven

Plastic materials are formed by sintering for applications that require materials of specific porosity. Sintered plastic porous components are used in filtration and to control fluid and gas flows. Sintered plastics are used in applications requiring caustic fluid separation processes such as the nibs in whiteboard markers, inhaler filters, and vents for caps and liners on packaging materials. Sintered ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials are used as ski and snowboard base materials. The porous texture allows wax to be retained within the structure of the base material, thus providing a more durable wax coating.
Our is a dynamic and innovative organization for Manufacturing the PTFE related Furnace/Oven equipment. The product range covers various type of water PTFE oven include electrical and natural gas types for PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Moulded Rods, PTFE Moulded Tubes, PTFE Bushes etc. All the oven can be customized upon the customer choice.
Our first and foremost priority is the soundness of the product. We firmly believe that “The product offered must give the customer, not only what he expects, but true value, besides being an engineering marvel.”