paste extruded PTFE

Plastic PTFE Paste Extruder Machine Features:Adopt adjustable speed to accommodate pitch ,don’t need to change gear;High productived efficiency production three times than present usual machine per hour ,the max production reach to 98m/hour;Low noise ,transmission and pulling system adopt absorbing sound ,reducing shake and inserting equipment;Easy maintenance ,transmission flexible,structure easy install and remove……
Paster Extrusion tube process:PTFE Fine Powder raw material →Sifting →Mix with solvent→ Heating→ Performing → Extrusion→ Sintering → Finished Tube.
PTFE Hose Machine Specifications
* Long service life through solid workmanship and use of high quality components
* Low wall thickness tolerance through self-centering mandrel and special nozzle
* Measurement transducer like pressure, force and ram speed for permanent control of the extrusion process and extrusion speed
* Hydraulic closure with high closing force for quick loading of the extruder
* Special pre-form press with pre-form preparation device for multiple loading of the loading carriage i.e. extruder
* Electrically adjustable mandrel
* Measuring and controlling system for constant extruder speed
* Controlling system for constant speed of the extrudate
* User-friendly and maintenance-free system
* The paste extrusion systems are designed especially to costumers requests
* Automatic adjustment of the total system as well as recording of the formula