Horizontal PTFE Extruder

Horizontal PTFE extruder gives our customers great flexibility while occupying a minimum amount of floor space.

Horizontal PTFE Extruder

Horizontal extruders are come in standard sizes of 25-Ton, 50-Ton, 75-Ton, and 100-Tons of thrust, with stroke lengths of 36", 54", 72", 108" and the World’s Longest Stroke Extruder. This allows productivity unmatched in the industry.  It gives the World's Highest yield per cycle and when combined with our other equipment, makes the perfect extruder for a wire line or tubing line.

Horizontal PTFE Extruder Advantages

* Long service life through solid workmanship and use of high quality componentes

* Low wall thickness tolerance through self-centering mandrel and special nozzle

* Additional heatable extrusion cylinder for better extrusion quality

* Measurement transducer like pressure, force and ram speed for permanent control of the extrusion process and extrusion speed

* Hydraulic closure with high closing force for quick loading of the extruder

* Quick loading with special loading carriage - also possible with several pre-forms, no manual touch

* Special pre-form press with pre-form preparation device for multiple loading of the loading carriage i.e. extruder

* Electrically adjustable mandrel

* Measuring and controlling system for constant extruder speed

* Controlling system for constant speed of the extrudate

* Low space requirement through vertical construction

* Front and back charger, vertical and horizontal possible with hydraulic and spindle drive (2 degrees of accuracy)

* Delivery of complete systems possible (PTFE processing, pre-form press, paste extruder oven, winding unit as well as convoluting machine)

* User-friendly and maintenance-free system

* Special drying and sintering oven with adjustable blind, thus a better temperature guidance within the two zones and avoidance of explosion hazard

* The paste extrusion systems are designed especially to costumers requests

* Automatic adjustment of the total system as well as recording of the formula

* Operating through touch screen and recording of the extrusion process parameters