Determine the Properties of Polymers at Different Temperature

Most of the Plastics at normal room temperatures usually show the properties of flexibility and high resistance of the material to cracking but when the temperature decreases the rapid changes in the properties of the plastics can be viewed as plastics become brittle at low temperature. Low temperature can be more harmful to plastics rather than high temperatures. The failure of the plastic material occurs when the material is not taken into account after considering the low-temperature properties of the plastics.


How Plastics Reacts at different temperatures?


Plastics comprises of long chains of molecules that are joined with each other. The degree of tangle changes with the shape and length of the polymers. The basic way to examine the quality of the polymers is to heat then at high temperature. You will observe that at the time of heating all the molecules will be tangled up, and each particle will form a long chain, but when the polymer is cooled down, the molecules of the polymers get stacked one above the other and affects the shape of the polymers. Similarly, the long chains in most of the polymers at moderate temperatures are slip over one another and the resistance of the material to crack becomes strong. This state of the polymer is considered as Rubbery.


Testing Machines for Determination of Different Temperatures


· Ultra-Low Deep Freezer — The testing device is used to create extremely low temperatures inside the chambers that help to analyze the properties of polymers and to measure the behavior of different types of plastics.


· Humidity Test Chambers — The instrument is used to determine the quality of the products at varied temperatures. The device creates both high and low temperature inside the laboratories to measure the effect of fog and humidity on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the materials.


The manufacturers in polymer industries make use of high-quality testing machines to test the quality of the polymers at low and high temperatures such as ultra-low deep freezers, humidity test chambers, muffle furnace, and many more. These testing instruments are used by the manufacturers in order to assure the quality of the products to end customers and also to enhance the quality of products to enhance the working life of the product. The technique of quality testing is followed to enlarge the list of satisfied customers. Presto, being one of the renowned manufacturer and suppliers of testing devices manufactures a wide range of testing machine to determine the effect of low and high temperatures on polymers. These testing machines are designed keeping in mind the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO, BIS and many more.