Dielux PTFE Filled Copolymer Delrin Sheet Rods

Delrin sheet and rods come in many forms, filled and unfilled. Dielux is a PTFE acetal (filled copolymer) known for the outstanding durability and wear features. Often this material is used in the place of machined metal and plastics when good dimensional stability, minimal friction and excellent resistance to wear are required. The filled PTFE allows this material to be utilized without any form of grease or lubricant. This particular feature is essential for specific industries that do not desire to have added chemical lubricants, such as the food industry. The white Dielux is completely compliant with the FDA and often found in machines used for food processing.




ADVANTAGES:Excellent performance in wet and dry environments;Low aborption to moisture;Minimal friction;Resistant to chemicals;Dimensionally stable;Ease in machining;FDA compliant (white sheet and rod only);Durable and stiff.