UHMW-PE Oil Filled

UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) is an extremely tough and abrasion resistant thermoplastic that is used for applications that require durability and/or abrasive wear resistance.

UHMW-PE Oil Filled

A subset of the thermoplastic polyethylene, UHMW (aka UHMWPE) is characterized as one of the miracle polymers of the 20th century. UHMW’s host of exceptional attributes such as high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and unparalleled impact resistance, even in cryogenic environments, make it a favorite among engineers and designers in nearly every industry worldwide. UHMW modified to meet particular application requirements through formulations with additives and fillers create special and premium grades with the enhanced desired property.

Oiled filled UHMW is the material of choice for packaging, bottling, and food processing and handling applications requiring FDA and USDA compliance. This advanced product enhances the dynamic coefficient of friction by adding oil filled polymers which helps to lubricate mating surfaces.

APPLICATIONS:Conveying components: bearings, belt guides;Bushings, rollers, gears;Sprockets;Wear strips;Chutes, hoppers;Chain guides.

ADVANTAGES:Corrosion and wear resistant;Vibration resistant;Easily machinable;High chemical resistance;low coefficient of friction;Light weight;Generally FDA and USDA compliant;Good abrasion resistance;Moisture resistant;Good electrical resistance;Self lubricating.