PTFE Sleeves/Tubing

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)   The combination of chemical and physical properties of PTFE is a consequence of its true fluorocarbon structure.  This unusual structure leads to a material which has an almost universal chemical inertness; complete insolubility in all known solvents below 300°C; excellent thermal stability; and unsurpassed electrical properties, including low dielectric loss, low dielectric constant and high dielectric strength.  Furthermore, PTFE does not embrittle at very high or at very low temperatures.
PTFE Sleeves
  • High Performance from -200°C to 260°C (Peak 300°C)
  • Unaffected at soldering temperatures; Autoclavable
  • Suitable for High-Density wiring
  • Smooth Internals allow closer fit
  • Superior Tape-Wrapping-Sintering (TWS) Method provides good mechanical stability, high burst pressure and long flex-life 
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Resistant to UV Radiation
  • Fire non-propagating
  • Inert to almost all chemicals (few exceptions), solvents, fluxes, oils; Zero extractables
  • Freedom from Ageing, Fungus and Water Absorption
  • Biocompatible
     Our PTFE Sleeves/Tubings find uses in the following application areas
  • Defence andMilitaryElectronics, RadarsAircraft and Satellites
  • Communcations/Electronics
    • Control Systems
    • Computers and Professional Electronics
    • RF Signal transmission, antennas
  • Electrical
    • Insulating cover for Transformer winding leads and other electrical joints, including heater interconnections
    • Insulating cover over immersion heaters for aggressive chemicals or corrosive liquids
    • As stress relief boots at connector ends for harnesses/cable assemblies
    • Protective cover over electrical leads in Air-conditioning/Refrigeration sealed units
  • Medical
    • Highly Flexible PTFE/PFA Dual-wall tubings for semi-medical (low-pressure, low-diffusion, gas flow devices) applications
    • For manufacturing Resection Loops for Prostate surgery
    • Endoscopic, Eurodormia applications
    • Cover for Sclerotherapy needles
    • In catheters and canulas
  • Chemical/Petroleum
    • As carriers for corrosive, high viscosity chemicals or fluids, also under high pressure and temperature
    • As flexible Carriers for steam
    • As Ink capillaries for pen recorders
    • Gas Discharge tubes
    • Bushes cut to size, distillation column packing
    • Insulating cover over stirrers for acids and corrosive liquies
  • Hydraylic/Pneumatic
    • As protective cover over hoses for injection moulding machines
    • Hoses (with or without stainless steel wire braid) for hydraulic/pneumatic applications
  • Automotive