PTFE Barbell

Clear PTFE flexible straight barbell tongue ring. High quality body jewelry.
PTFE Barbell
PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, is flexible, Nickel free wire. It can be sterilized with autoclave. It is hospital grade, non toxic, allergy free material. PTFE is totally flexible, may cut to any desired length with a blade or scissor. It is also self threading with any balls, spikes, or any other parts. Just screw on to the PTFE wire, and make a treading which will hold very firmly.
User Reviews:
I wear these as nipple rings, and they're great. I do have to buy a lot of extra ball ends because they do tend to fall of either in my sleep, in the shower, or changing, but I still prefer them to metal. 
These are great. I got them to use as retainers for genital piercings when I was going into surgery (no metal jewelry allowed). It was easy to cut them to the right size and bend them a bit for a great and comfortable fit. These are comfy enough that I now switch between my usual stainless steel jewelry and the PTFE. Just have to be careful not to over-tighten the balls or I end up breaking off the end of the bar... 
I bought this for my tongue piercing, and at first I was really happy with this, but it started to bend a lot after a while, so I had to switch back to the old ones. I wish this had worked out better so that I could just buy different color attachments for it. 
I use these for nipple piercings to avoid pitting (because the shaft is longer than most of my other barbell piercings so the dents are sort of offset enough to allow recovery ) and they work really well. They're comfortable and the perfect length. I just wish the acryllic ball ends were smaller. 
I absolutely loved this barbell. I have to take my industrial out occationally for my job and this kept my ear from getting irritated. I keep looking to replace it (sadly I lot it), just waiting for the right length. 
Really comfortable!! I loved wearing this bar while sleeping when my ear was still sensitive before the piercing matured. Now i still wear it because its comfortable!! :D Highly recommend for every new (less than a couple years old, but not super fresh) piercings.