Hot Extruding Steel

During hot extrusion a round steel billet is pre-heated and, after leaving the furnace, is pushed through a forming die into a profile bar using a ram with an extrusion force of 2,200 t. Hot extruding offers substantial advantages in comparison with hot rolling, forging or machining. Hot extrusion can be used to make complex steel profile shapes even using metals which are difficult to form. In addition, small lot sizes can be produced economically.
Hot Extruding Steel
Hot extruded steel profiles offer the benefit of :
* different material thicknesses within one profile cross-section
* the possibility to use in highly sensitive areas, where the special profiles must with stand specific demands of temperature, pressure, aggressive media or hygienic requirements
* seamless structure of solid and hollow sections
Technical Possibilities
Max. Circumscribed Circle Dia. for Solid and Hollow Profiles [mm] 240
Min. Diagonals Dia. for Hollow Profiles [mm] 20
Max. Diagonals Dia. for Hollow Profiles [mm] 160
Min. Wall Thickness [mm] 4
Max. Length [mm] 16800
Length c. 3,000 up to e. 16,800 mm (depending on profile cross-section); with sawn ends, (fixed lengths by agreement)
Min. Weight [kg/m] 1.5
Max. Weight [kg/m] 100
Cross-Sectional Tolerances/ Straightness Tolerances By agreement, depending on the profile cross- section and material grade; reductions possible, e.g. for functional areas, by agreement
Surface As extruded; descaled or picked on request
Materials / Treatments Nearly all quality and stainless steels in the iron and steel list, special steels, non-ferrous heavy metal alloys
All required heat treatments are available