Mono Layer Blown Film Plant - Plastic Extrusion Machines

Blown film is the most widely used plastic extrusion method is the packaging industry for manufacturing single layer film structure. A large number of machines are also available for multi-layer film structures. Monolayer blown film plants can be used to manufacture polymer films using a diverse range of polymers like PP, LD, LLD, HM, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, EVA, EVOH and PA (Nylon), etc.

Mono Layer Blown Film PlantProcess 
The plastic melt is extruded through a slit die. Air is introduced into the center of the tube so as to blow the extruded polymer like a balloon. There is also a high-speed air ring that blow cools air on the hot film. The film is cooled continually as it moves, the film is passed through rolls, where it is flattened. The plastic is then wound up on reels.

Monolayer blown film plants are manufactured using high quality raw materials that ensure durability and consistent performance. Wide range of monolayer blown film plants are available in various capacities that can be used for a variety of extusions. Continuous effort is being made to develop advance range of monolayer blown film plants that are cost effective. Some of the types of monolayer blown film plant that are currently available in the market are:
  • HM mono layer blown film plant
  • HDPE mono layer blown film plant
  • LDPE mono layer blown film plant
  • LLDPE mono layer blown film plant
  • PPTQ blown film plant, etc.
As there is constant increase in the demand and application of the plants, new and sophisticated range of machines are being invented internationally. In addition, plant manufacturing companies also customize products according to customer requirement. Some of the special feature that are included in the latest machine are:

Barrier Screw Online Thickness Monitoring And Control
Grooved Feed Section Gravimetric Dosing System
Oscillating Die Gravimetric Blending System
Automatic Bubble Cage Surface And Center Winders With Tension Control
Internal Bubble Cooling Liquid PIB Dosing System
Oscillating Haul-off Manual As Well As Automatic Screen Changer, etc.

Mono Layer Blown Film PlantApplication 
Monolayer blown film plants are widely used in many industries for packaging purposes. Some of the applications for manufacturing packaging film, protection film, shrink and cling films, water pouch, heavy duty sacks, paper match film, stretch film, heavy duty fertilizer bags, dust covers for furniture industry, liner bag, agricultural film, barrier film for food packaging, HM carry bag, technical films, barrier film for food packaging, etc.