Power Transmission Equipment Extruder Machine

For the steady and smooth function of the extruder machines, it is important that there is uninterrupted and smooth power transmission. Power transmission generated by Alternate Current and Direct Current driven motors rotate the feed screw. Motor driven high-speed feed screw feeds the resin to the plasticizing unit. The transmission facilities can be controlled serially, using remote or other sources, etc. 

Extruders are available in the market with drives and motors run on AC, DC or hydraulic power. Making the right kind of choice in the selection of power transmission equipment is essential because the speed of rotation of the feed screw affects the melting and flow of the plastic and the ultimate perfect manufacturing of the product. It is important to chose the right product with the right technology solution. Some of the factors that must be considered while choosing a power transmission device are: 

Good speed power: In order to assure that the right amount of resin is being fed to the process, good speed control and a good response to the torque charge is important. And the drive should have the ability to vary on a wide range of speed. 

Consistency of speed: The speed of the screw must be even because fluctuation in the screw will result in uneven dimension of the products. 

Unfluctuating electricity: Power transmission should be uninterrupted and unfluctuating or else the product will have a deformed structure. 

Overcoming Friction: The power transmission device must be able to overcome the friction because 85% of the energy is spent on friction when the motor is used to generate power for heating resin. 

Proper transmission of power is enabled through various types of alternate current and direct current driven drives and motors:

AC drive system:
 AC drives are of different types. One model has mechanically adjustable speed drive and other have an electric friction clutch drive. Nowadays, AC drives and motors that use PMW technology is being increasingly used. 

DC drive system: Traditionally, DC drives and motors were used. Compared to AC drives , DC drives and motor are simple and easy to operate. By attaching induction motor to solid state power supply, AC power can be converted to DC power.