Typical Properties of Fluoropolymers(PTFE,FEP,ETFE,PVDF,PCTFE)

Properties of Fluoropolymers
PTFE Properties:
The Steel Industry and Chemical Processing Industry have been using fluoropolymer tubing products from materials like PTFE and hoses for many years for transferring highly caustic or corrosive chemicals. More and more, PTFE tubing is replacing carbon and other metal piping that deteriorates rapidly. Now and for the future, PTFE will continue to serve the industry in critical applications.
PTFE Thermal Qualities:
PTFE tubing can withstand temperatures up to 680 °F for limited periods of time.* Under cryogenic conditions, PTFE remains strong down to -320 °F.
*Above 500 °F, mechanical properties become a limiting factor
PTFE Electrical Qualities:
PTFE tubing has superb electrical properties, indicated by a low dielectric constant of 2.1 between -40 °F and 480 °F within a frequency range of 5 Hz to 10 GHz.
PTFE tubing is also an excellent insulator with surface resistivity of 3.6 X 1012 ohms (even at 100% relative humidity).
Short time dielectric strengths range from 500 volts/mil (1 mil = 10-3 in) for thicknesses greater than 100 mils to 4000 volts/mil for very thin films.
FEP Properties:
Electrical FEP exhibits most of the properties of PTFE. However, because of its excellent electrical FEP properties, FEP tubing is a valuable and versatile electrical insulator.